Call Center Analytics

Improve Call-center efficiency with Gladia AI powered Audio analytics

Get the best knowledge from call center operations

Semantic search

Index Audio content based on transcription (and translations) to improve customer’s incident response. 

Code-Switching transcription

Multi-language language detection including multiple language within the same sentence (code-switching).

Speaker Profiling

Detect the gender, age and the accent of the speakers on the phone to perform analytics or database voiceprint retrieval (speaker recognition).

Intent Detection

Detect intent from multiple speakers to understand conversion rate.

Optimize Call Routing

Optimize call-center routing based on topic and keyword extraction.

Optimize customer product matching

Understand and recommend products for customers based on affinity, emotion, sentiment, and other automated criteria.

Near Real Time Translation

Perform near real time translation.

Context aware telephony analytics

Extract background noise, and perform phone quality assessment.

Combine Analytics with NLP

Augment Telephony Analytics with natural language understanding to perform additional analytics and optimize sales, conversion rate, ticket routing and many more.

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